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Coronari Palace Coronari Palace

Coronari Palace is the perfect synthesis between past and present. From the terraces overlooking the rooftops of Rome to the tavern floor, the building represents a typical example of Renaissance noble residence converted to a modern resort. The interior embodies the most exclusive Italian style, blending the delicate charm of renowned furniture and lighting brands with the comforts provided by cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly technologies.


Coronari Palace




Branding, Communication Strategy, UX/UI Design

01. Coronari Palace Business card

The Concept

A labyrinth of roads enclosed within a circular figure, Coronari Palace is a luxury hotel located in the heart of Rome. The logo symbolizes the narrow streets leading to a luxurious structure right in the city center of Rome. At the core of Coronari services is the customer, ensuring that their experience in one of the world’s most beautiful cities is truly unparalleled and unforgettable.

Coronari Palace Interior design

02. Coronari Palace Logo construction

03. Coronari Palace Logo design

— Services

The Coronari Palace brand is crafted through the overlay of geometric shapes, encapsulating the values of customer centrality and the prestige of the service offered. Typographic elements alternate between modern and contemporary styles, interspersed with serif fonts, lending a touch of classicism and tradition. The primary colors of the brand identity, gold and black, evoke luxury and well-being.

01 Strategy

— Branding

Digital strategy

Communication strategy

Content strategy

Social media strategy

02 Design & creativity

Logo & identity

Visual design

Art direction

Web design (UX/UI)

Web development

03 Marketing

Branded content

Content marketing

SEO optimization

Analisi & monitoring

Double superior con terrazzo

Terrazza panoramica


Sala colazioni

04. Coronari Palace Brand stationery

05. Coronari Palace Headed paper

06. Coronari Palace Door hanger

07. Coronari Palace Presentation

09. Coronari Palace Corporate presentation

10. Coronari Palace Social strategy

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